Online Courses Terms:

1. All courses are available in Hindi language only.

2. Any courses fees are not refundable at any cost, Candidate are joining with their free concern.

3. All candidate will get e-certificate on paid courses, this will take maximum 15 days.

4. The Certificate offered after the finish of the course is of E design (Soft duplicate); no printed version of the Certificate of consummation will be given.

5. Every course has limit time duration, after that you will be removed.

6. All videos are Bijal Gada Makeovers intellectual property, any missuses legal action will be taken against the candidate.

7. The recordings of the class ought not be downloaded, and any endeavor to do as such or unapproved sharing will be treated as an offense. Severe moves will be made against such a demonstration, and it will be considered an infringement of the applicant's arrangement.

8. No additional course material will be provided with the videos.

9. It is our sole discretion to decide whether a candidate is suitable for the course or not.

10. We reserve the right to cancel anyone’s registration despite payment or remove the videos.

11. Every one of the connected reports shipped off the competitor in regards to the course are Bijal Gada Makeup Academy's protected innovation, and the applicant can't duplicate or repeat it in any configuration without consent. On the off chance that an applicant does that it will be considered as an offense and severe move will be made against such a demonstration.

12. We can take up to 15 days to resolve any issue regarding the Online Makeup Course.

13. Any issues related to payment; the candidate can email us and we will sort out within 15 days.